My Very First Blog Post

My exit from the Stone Age into the new era of Technology.


I hate introductions. They are so cliche. Insert your name and where you are from, and then try to think of interesting things to say about yourself that don’t make you look like an insane person. So what can I say here that doesn’t make me look insane? My name is Megan O’Kuly Mehrer. I’m 35 years old and going back to college majoring in Graphic Design and Strategic Communication. Boring. Do I talk about my life? I can tell you what it’s like raising three teenage boys.  It’s messy and often smelly. The grocery bill is outrageous. I have to constantly remind them to shower, pick their underwear up off the floor and put on deodorant. I  suppose it would be similar to a very stinky version of Groundhog Day.I often have to repeat to myself that “No, I do not want to know what that smell is” over and over. Needless to say, we go through a lot of Febreeze.

So, what else can I tell you? I got re-married three years ago to an amazing, patient and very understanding man. As an artist, I can be very…ditzy, weird, cluttered… to name a few. Some days he comes home to a clean house and a cooked dinner, but mostly he comes home and it looks like an art bomb has gone off in the house and dinner is burned while I am lost in my next project. He puts up with me and when I do weird things he tells people, “It’s ok. She’s an artist.” Like that somehow excuses my weirdness. He is a good man, though. He encouraged my dreams of going back to college, and has supported our family so I could do so. I can tell you college has been… interesting.  Being constantly surrounded by 18-20 year-old’s has been eye-opening. And truthfully, I have NO IDEA what I am doing. I am trying to catch up on the technology. I am creating this blog for my CA 260 class as an assignment. Truthfully, I don’t even really understand what a blog is or what the purpose of a blog is. I have never even read a blog so this will also be a new experience for me. I have been told blogs are useful to promote business, connect myself with social media, and market myself as an artist. You young people and your internet…I am learning, though. Thankfully, and other tutorials have been very helpful.

2 thoughts on “My Very First Blog Post

  1. Megan, your post had me smiling the entire time. It was a joy to read, truly. It is admirable that you are coming back to college while handling raising 3 kids! That is seriously impressive. While I am in the group of younger students in the class, I can definitely say that outside of the general functions of Microsoft Office and Facebook, technology will baffle me most days. I definitely agree that the tutorials have been helpful!


  2. I think its great you want to know how better promote yourself, were both in the same boat. I am also consider myself very weird, but that’s okay. Weird people tend to be the coolest.


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