Blogs for Beginners

Reading materials for this week:


In the article,, I really felt like I learned a lot. I hope to use the do’s and don’ts as a checklist for my future blogs to ensure that each blog I write meets the criteria of what a good blog should consist of.  A few things that really stood out to me were:

When the author talked about “being yourself”.  It can be difficult when you’re in college and you’re very used to writing term papers. Papers and formal essays are written according to specific guidelines, like don’t use “I” or “you”. I have a feeling this will be a difficult accomplishment in blog writing for me. I’ll have to learn to talk to you, well… like I’m talking to you.

Another thing I appreciated about the article was when the author talked about trying new things. Writing a blog in and of itself is a new thing for me, so making sure that I am working to continue to try new things will be important for me.

The second article,, was also interesting. Breaking the entire concept of writing a blog from start to finish in easy-to-understand concepts was helpful to me. (Especially considering I’ve never had a blog before)

Overall, I really liked these articles. I think they will be extremely useful information when working in the field of Graphic Design and Strategic Communication. These articles will create a foundation for me to use in creating a blog to market myself as an employee or looking for freelance opportunities.

Going forward I will use these as the foundation for each of my blog writing assignments. I will put these in checklist form to make it easier for me to go through them before posting any assignments.


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