Weebly and web site design


Weebly was a great site for beginning web designers because it was very user-friendly. I have never set up a site prior to this and was able to navigate and set up my site easily and with little issues. The hardest part was coming up with a name for my site. I wanted to use something that I would be able to use to promote myself and my art going forward. I did go through to check that the name was not taken via TESS, the Trademark Electronic Search System. (http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=tess&state=4801:vhgju0.1.1)

After coming up with my name “Yellow Pony Design” I was able to easily enter my information into Weebly to begin my site creation. I ended up with the theme “penandink” under the business section. I really like that it was different than the “cliché” “clean, simple feel that most people are currently using. I wanted something that best fir my personality. I was able to upload some images and play around with many of the options. I enjoyed that I could just click and drop to add elements to the page. It made it extremely easy to set up. Everything was broken down with simple titles so that I could locate anything I was wanting to change. The one thing I didn’t like was that I could not change the font on my title. I hope that I can add a logo later that will look better as a heading. I am not sure if I will keep this theme or change it later.


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