Videos and trying to understand them…

After completing this weeks module, I was able to get a better understanding of how videos can be used to enhance a website. To answer the question: “what are some reasons video could help showcase the primary purpose of your website” –

A video can add something extra to your site, as well as maintain peoples expectations. (Most people nowadays have come to expect videos and can be disappointed if your site does not have one.) A video will also help to keep people on your site longer. A video could reach out specifically to my target audience to help them better understand what my site is all about and better understand who I am.

On my website I could create some tutorial videos and step by step instructions to reach out and help potential employers get a better feel for my personality as well as showcase my art. It would allow me to draw people onto the site to look at the tutorials and possible hire me for freelance work, if they like what they see.

To ensure a professional video I would implement the use of:

A DSLR camera – to ensure high quality and professional images that are not tacky and pixelated.

External light sources –  to ensure that the viewer can see what is on the video and draw the focus to specific things.

and lighting software to enhance and create a professional atmosphere and feel for the video.


For the assignment I read the articles:

How to Make a Great Intro Video

Creating and Using Web Video Never Easier

Basic Video Equipment


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