No Privacy

This week in CA 260 we were assigned the following resources:




  • As future communication professionals, how do you think these issues will affect your work/career?
  • —Do you think changes in the way we view privacy has implications for public discourse and a democratic society? Why or why not?


After reading these articles and watching these videos, my conclusion is that social media and internet presence not only affect jobs but also people’s personal lives as well as the way they correlate together. Already things people do in their personal lives affect their jobs. Many human resource departments are looking at a person’s social media to determine candidacy for a position and many others are including social media clauses in their hiring paperwork. For example: Complaining about your boss could jeopardize your employment. Your employer could see that information and make working for them uncomfortable or even cost you your job. Additionally, posting images in bikinis, drunk “selfies”, party pictures and poor grammar could make you seem like an untrustworthy candidate. From my own personal experience, at my last job, I was a manager who would have people call into work. On one instance, I had an employee (with frequent attendance issues) who called out from work. The employee didn’t realize that she had “friended” me on Facebook, and I later saw that she had ditched work to go to a party with a friend of hers. I took that information to human resources and within 24 hours the employee was terminated.

Especially with the prevalence of the internet becoming more centrifugal in peoples lives, it is important to realize that it is extremely difficult and almost impossible in some occasions to remove something from the internet. In addition to the loss of people’s privacy, identity-theft and “hacking” have also become more prevalent. I encourage you to read the article “Wired: “Three Essential Steps To Make Yourself More Hack-Proof” to get highlights on how to protect yourself from hackers and identity-thieves.


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