(SEO) Search engine optimization

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This week in CA260 we learned that SEO, or search engine optimization, is a helpful way to increase traffic to your website. Before this week I had honestly never thought about how search engines determine what listings go first when I performed a search. All I ever knew was that I typed in a few words and results popped right up. It was really interesting to find out what happens in the background during a search and how search engines, such as Google, determine what sites come up first.

After this week’s lesson, I will definitely be using SEO for my own website to hopefully increase traffic. Because my site is geared towards potential employers and freelance clients, it will be helpful to me to draw more people to my site using SEO. After doing some additional research on what keywords to use, (http://emptyeasel.com/2009/04/27/keyword-targeting-for-artists-a-simple-yet-comprehensive-guide-for-beginners/) I learned a lot about what keywords I could use to stay competitive in search engine results and create a more targeted market.

For example, I used the meta keywords: Graphic Design, Freelance, Artist, Mobile, Alabama, Semmes, Alabama, wall murals, mural, wall art, custom art, design, photoshop, illustrator, vector, hire, buy, prints, color pencil, original, rustic, unique, fun, creative, logo, sign, ads, advertising. By targeting the local market, I should be able to generate more traffic from my area specifically.


Let’s take a closer look at SEO’s and what some of the pro’s and con’s are.


  • SEO Delivers A Continuous Flow Of Free And Targeted Traffic
  • SEO Gives Your Business Exposure To People Who Are Looking For A Solution
  • SEO Generates Traffic
  • SEO Can Help You With Business Growth


  • SEO Results Will Take Time
    • The biggest and most noticeable drawback to an SEO is that it takes time. It takes time to establish your website and getting a good online presence in search engines. The process could take several hours, days or even weeks.
  • SEO has no guarantee for results (especially 1st page ranking)
    • Accordning to digitalmarketing.com, “Landing on the first of Search Engine Results Pages will be one of the most important goals you should plan to achieve with your SEO. For landing on the first page is really what matters in search results, as 75% of search users will most likely never scroll past this very first page and disregard the rest. SEO provides no immediate guarantee that you will land in the first pages of search results using the keywords you are targeting for.”
  • SEO Provides You No Full Control
    • Digitalmarketing.com also states, “No one really knows the true ins and outs of Google’s algorithms. What you think matters in search rankings (and what so-called gurus are suggesting) may deliver results that are opposite from what you are expecting. Only Google knows and so only Google has full control. You have no control of how much traffic you will generate and what type of traffic you will be getting from all your SEO efforts.”





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