What I have learned…


During CA 260, I have learned quite a lot! It has truly been an educational experience for me. Prior to this class I had never imagined that I would be creating a blog, writing code, or making my own website! The most interesting lesson, and one I had never thought about, was the search engine optimization, discussed in last weeks module. I really spent a lot of time trying to understand everything I could about SEO. Given that I hope to continue my website for my design and artwork, I felt that it was extremely pertinent to do everything I could to ensure that my site could be easily accessed via search engine.

Some additional resources I used are:


I was able to use these resources in attempts to optimize my site. I have placed tags and titles, an everything I could to the site to increase traffic and attempt to be accessed via Google. I read quite a few articles in regards to SEO keywords. Specifically, which keywords are the best to use and how to apply them to my website. For this, I referred to several articles:





These allowed me to target specific keywords so that I can optimize search results for potential online viewers. Overall, of all the things I learned throughout this course, this was my most favorite. I was intrigued to think about how search engines, such as Google, worked “behind-the-scenes” to proved search results to users. Below are some interesting facts about search engines.





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